Beautiful Butterfly Plant – Black-eyed Susan Vine

We have a section on the side yard with about 15 EarthBoxes that were not in production since we weren’t going to the market anymore. So last year we decided that a planting of butterfly attracting plants was needed for the UNF. I planted a mix of Asclepias (butterfly weed), tropical variety with red and yellow flowers along with the variegated Monarch Promise, and I don’t remember the yellow flowered and the rusty orange African Sunset Black-eyed Susans.

Both grew great in the EBs. By the end of the year the BES had almost completely overrun the butterfly weed. which was OK because we didn’t have any Monarch visiters until November and actually watched Monarchs emerge between Christmas and New Years.

This year (2017) the BES came back with a vengeance. Four of the six original plants over wintered in our coastal Mississippi garden, along with numerous seedlings. I didn’t realize that BES could be that aggressive. 

Not only has the small fence completely covered up, but the BES has decided to take on my 8 foot privacy fence. I’ll admit I installed a few eye bolts and fishing line to encourage climbing up the tree we have painted on the fence. It needed some real foliage.

The best part of having all of this BES has been all the pollinator and butterfly action, lots of Gulf frittilary, yellow sulfurs and Monarchs (again, no caterpillar feeding on the butterfly weeds). Plus the occasional hummingbird.

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