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Tropical Storm Cindy is really dumping a a lot of rain on south Mississippi and washing away the early summer weather we have had. With the clean slate this seems like the perfect time to start this blog, Changing the Garden Paradigm.

My thoughts about changing the garden paradigm isn’t about everyone doing something different. Well, actually it is, but not large wholesale changes. I’m going to share hair brain ideas I get and have tried out in our Heritage Cottage Urban Nano Farm, a small urban vegetable garden. Well, I will have had tried most of them.

My horticulture training had revolved around nursery and greenhouse production, after a brief fling with turf grass management. This primarily means growing plants in containers. I think growing vegetables in the ground is hard, so where does that put the new home gardener with a small yard?

Many new home gardeners will start with a vegetable garden in the spring, but when the spring starts to heat up, forget about the summer temperatures, everything needs to be watered and the weeds are taking over, all of a sudden the garden has become work. Who wants to work in the garden after working all day at the real job?

The garden is supposed to be enjoyable and theoretically you’re supposed to get tomatoes. I think container growing is the answer.

Containers are perfect for the porch and patio and balcony. You don’ need a large garden.

On Thursdays I’m going to share my thoughts, garden trials and tribulations, successes and failures, tips, vegetable and flower recommendations, etc. I hope you’ll follow along on this ride through my gardening adventures. Feel free to ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer.

You can follow along on various outlets on social media. On Facebook Heritage Cottage Urban Nano Farm and Twitter, @realgarybachman

The first ripe Angora Super Sweet heirloom tomato on April 29, 2017


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