Starting Seedlings Indoors

If you really want the varieties in your vegetable garden that YOU want you have to take control of the situation. Don’t fall into the trap of relying on the garden center or box stores. Let’s face it, they’re not in the business of taking chances with their seasonal sales. There’s actually more to seasonal sales but that’s for another day.

So many gardeners want to start their own plants from seeds, but growing from seed is more than just sowing seed in the garden beds. To be really successful having transplants ready for the start of the season is the key. That requires a little planning and sowing your seeds indoors up to eight weeks before you need the transplants.

Starting seeds indoors sounds easy. But the seedlings start stretching because they need more light and setting in a window won’t help. My solution was to use racks with workshop fluorescent lights. The shop lights are initially cheap and readily available. You don’t need fancy grow lights as the regular bulbs are fine for germinating seeds.

Easy to make seed germination racks

There are a couple of drawbacks to using the work shop light. The lights are not energy efficient as ballasts do produce heat and each light uses about $2 of electricity a month if running continuously. But there has been great strides in applying LED technology to growing seedlings. I’ve been converting all of the household lights to LED and my light racks are next on my list.

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