Four Roses Anniversary Rose

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted and it’s time to get back into the swing of Changing the Garden Paradigm.

I was fortunate to be gifted, thanks Shawna Coronado, a very special plant this fall and I’m excited to receive a Four Roses Anniversary Rose celebrating the 130th anniversary of Four Roses Kentucky Bourbon. This special rose was developed by Jackson & Perkins.

Toasting the planting of my Four Roses Anniversary Rose

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The story of how Four Roses was named is interesting (from Jackson & Perkins):

“In the late 1800s, the legend of the Four Roses® name was born. As the story goes, Paul Jones Jr., the founder of Four Roses® Bourbon, became smitten by a beautiful Southern Belle. He sent a proposal to her and she replied that if her answer were “yes”, she would wear a corsage of roses on her gown to the upcoming grand ball. When she arrived on the night of the ball, she wore a corsage of four red roses. He later named his bourbon “Four Roses” as a symbol of his devout passion for the lovely belle. He then carried that devotion a step further by trademarking Four Roses® in 1888″ 

I will get my first look at the blooms next year. They’re described as (from Jackson & Perkins):

“The blooms of this rose are exquisitely formed, fade-proof, and emit a lovely damask fragrance. Once they open, the blooms are 3- to 4-inches wide and comprised of 20 to 25 deep red petals. These blooms arrive in early summer and keep on going in waves all season long, especially if promptly deadheaded. It’s a vigorous and easy-to-grow rose, heat tolerant, and resistant to rust and powdery mildew, meaning it’s a good choice for warmer climates”.

I certainly live and grow in a hot and humid climate!! I’ll post the progress of this rose.