Taking the LED Plunge

Well I’ve taken the plunge and replaced the T-8 fluorescent shop light on the first microgreens rack to LED shop lights. I have hesitated in the past to make this change due to high initial costs. But over the last couple of years the fixture costs have come down fairly significantly.

LED shop lights have the diodes built into the fixture and lined up like the fluorescent bulbs they replace.

When I first started looking each fixture was over $100 each, pretty stiff even with the huge savings in power usage. But I’ve found that these costs have decreased to a point where the replacement of the fluorescent fixtures makes sense. Each LED fixture was $25.

The yearly costs of power consumption for each fixture is estimated at $3.85, and a rated life span of 45,000 hours. The light output is 4500 lumens which is similar to the fluorescents.

LED shop lights provide bright light for the growing microgreens.

Now the only downside I’ve noticed is there is significantly less heat given off compared to the fluorescents. Initial germination and growth of microgreens is a little slower with the LEDs. I may have to set up a germination rack, simple fix.

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